Spotlight is an event aimed at students with the intention of providing tools for self improvement. Spotlight will be held in Finnish, and is totally free to participate. The event consists of workshops and a talk show centering around four contemporary themes. 


Below are short descriptions of themes in 2020:



Courage comes in many shapes and sizes. It is important to pursue goals that are meaningful to us. Sometimes this will involve taking a leap to the unknown and exiting one's comfort zone. Why wouldn't we follow these dreams? After all we only have one life.


Nobody is perfect. Misfortunes and setbacks occur whether you like it or not. How one chooses to deal with setbacks affects one's future in more ways than you can imagine. Be sure to be kind to the one you spend most of your time.


Technology is a significant part of our life. What is most overlooked is that the apps on our phones have been designed to attract as much attention of you as possible. Technostress is seen as a incapability to control one's use of information technology in a healthy way. How to be present in modern day?


We are social beings. Social interactions bring people together and play a key role in forming relationships. Being social isn't always easy and straightforward. The network of our friend and family act as a trampoline that lifts us up in good times and is there to catch us in bad ones. How you mange your relationships is based how you perceive and value them. 


Spotlight isn’t going to be just one day. There will be smaller one-day events during the year and different kind of interesting content in social media and our website. Our vision includes being the bravest vanguard in the university student scene.

Join us on our journey!