Spotlight is an event targeted for students and will be held in October, 2019. Spotlight is going to be held in Finnish, and is totally free to participate. During the main-day there will be inspiring speakers and workshops following the themes.


Themes of the 2019 will be published later, below you can see last years themes:


SELF-KNOWLEDGE: What kinds of things do I want to achieve in my life? What's my potential?

LEARNING: Only a continuous self-development will take you towards your dreams. How can I improve my learning in addition with my studies?

COMMUNICATION COMPETENCE: When technology is taking over routine work, humanity and communication will be emphasized. How can I improve my empathy ability and my listening and influencing skills?

FUTURE: What kind of competences will be emphasized in the future?


Spotlight isn’t going to be just one day. There will be smaller one-day events during the year and different kind of interesting content in social media and our website. Our vision includes being the bravest vanguard in the university student scene.

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