8.30 – Doors open to KasvuOpen Karnevaali

You can pick up your Spotlight pass from the Spotlight info desk in Paviljonki near the Congress Entrance. You can participate Kasvu Open Karnevaali’s open ceremony at 9.00 and Karhunpesä in Kasvu Open at 9.15. See more:


11:30 – Doors open to Spotlight

Pick up your Spotlight pass, leave your coat to the cloakroom and move to Wilhelm Auditorium.


12:00 – Opening show


Keynote: Pekka Möttö

Speech from Pekka Möttö, the founder of and CEO at Tuup Ltd.


Give And Take IO

The winner team of 2017 Discovery Tuesday startup brainstorming programme will pitch their idea. Read more at


14:00 – Networking break with KasvuOpen

Time for networking with companies and other attendees in Spotlight and Kasvu Open Karnevaali. Remember to use Brella – the simplest networking application. Download the free Brella App from Play Store or AppStore and start networking already before the event! The event code is kasvuopen2017.

You can enjoy lunch for student price at Fiilu. Fiilu is located at Innova 1 building, less than 100 meters from Paviljonki!


16:00 – Program continues


Discussion panel

Pekka Möttö, Nicklas Bergman and Taneli Vaskelainen discuss about business opportunities and models that will affect future mobility.


Keynote: Nicklas Bergman

Speech from Nicklas Bergman, serial entrepreneur, deep tech-investor and futurist, who is focusing on emerging markets and new technologies. Read more about Nicklas on his website.


19:30 – After party at Lutakko begins (K18)


20:30 – Jukka Poika

Jukka Poika is a Finnish reggae artist who has been performing for over 10 years. His distinctive style is developed during his career, and his most famous songs include Silkkii, Kylmästä lämpimään and Älä tyri nyt.