Faculty of Information Technology

What connects…

… running an exchange-listed company and WoW-raid?
… game console, car, and Facebook?
… smartphone, heart surgery, and news on TV?
… online store, electric key, and virus protection?
… distance teaching, heart rate monitor, and counter-intelligence?
… mobile game, video stream, and weather forecast?
– All of these require information technology.

It is the transparent intelligence of our daily life, where technology is integrated with entertainment, business, leadership, education, health care, communication, science, arts, and sports – information technology has changed practically every aspect of our lives. And where information technology is needed, academically educated IT experts are needed as well. Here in the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Jyväskylä, we train versatile IT experts for the needs of today as well as the future. The IT faculty currently invests in creating concentrations of top know-how in the following thematic areas: data systems, scientific computing and data analysis, cybersecurity, entertainment, games, and learning.

Come and acquaint yourself with the Faculty of Information Technology, and update your knowledge on information technology and IT studies.

 JAMK University of Applied Sciences

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institution with expertise in 8 different fields of study. At JAMK we have more than 8000 students from over 70 countries.

Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics

Enabling Excellence for the Future in Responsible Business, Digital Business and Economics, and Policy-Relevant Economics
According to its mission, Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE) is striving for excellence in researching and research-based teaching in the fields of Business and Economic sciences. JSBE is an active, globalizing and cooperative unit of a hundredteachers and researchers and 1500 students in the University of Jyväskylä.

JSBE educates skilled professionals of economics, business and communication, managers and entrepreneurs, who serve society in all stages of education as well as in the management education. JSBE’s main areas of emphasis in research and teaching are responsible business, digital business and economics  and policy-relevant economics. JSBE also has a significant role as a minor educator within the University of Jyväskylä. It offers education in economics, entrepreneurship and basic business studies for students from other branches of sciences. JSBE’s ‘Avance’ -management education is one of the leading MBA-educators of our country.

JSBE is a desired study place and partner in cooperation. Studies at JSBE give a push to work-life. Do you want to know what is behind recession and how the labor market works? Would you like to understand the stock market? Are you interested in economic questions of the education system? Would business expertise be useful in your future work? Do you want to understand financial statements and marketing plans? Are you interested in the duties of superior? Do you know what intrapreneurship means?


JSBE – The school of many opportunities
Wherever your career leads you

Regional Council of Central Finland

We support fresh initiatives, build networks, and advance shared visions of the region’s future.

Regional Council of Central Finland is a joint municipal authority in charge of regional development. In our work, regional development goes hand in hand with regional land use planning. Our goal is to create wellbeing of the citizens, business and environment in Central Finland.

Entrepreneurs of Central Finland, Digijohtajaksi! -project

“Incomparable business and influence network for entrepreneurs. You want to belong to this group.”

Do you know what benefits digitalization brings to your business? Now it’s the time to find out!

In Central Finland, a unique Digijohtajaksi! (Digital leader!) unity is running, which can be benefitted by every willing micro and SME entrepreneur. We will look for ways suitable for your company on how to strengthen the know-how and leading of digitalization and develop new business opportunities. There will be free events and affordable trainings all around Central Finland. Come with us on a digital journey, you will get support and knowledge for the challenges of an entrepreneur’s life, and networks. In cooperation with Jyväskylä Educational Consortium, Entrepreneurs of Central Finland, Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Would you like to understand how the world works?

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science at the University of Jyväskylä educates specialists in natural sciences and mathematics for the changing world. The world needs experts to solve the problems within electronics, energy, environment and health. Our high-level research environment makes it possible to understand how scientists think, how people work together while everyone has their own area of expertise and how they create new innovations and ideas.

“The world is full of positive customer experiences – we tell everyone about them.” helps companies improve their customer experience and communicate in a more credible way, and consumers make better purchasing decisions based on authentic and verified customer experiences.

We produce videos and written content and help our clients use the materials to boost their marketing, sales and recruitment.

Jyväskylä Energy Group

Jyväskylä Energy Group is the local electricity, water and district heat provider owned by the City of Jyväskylä. With its subsidiary companies the Group produces, sells and distributes electricity, district heat and water. The primary task of Jyväskylä Energy Group is to provide wellbeing by offering smart solutions for energy and water production, distribution and use. We are helping our customers to choose wisely and use energy and water efficiently.


“With us, you can let your personality shine and create top solutions together with the best of the field putting their hearts into making software.”

Perille Mobility Services

Perille is a route planner that makes planning your trip and buying tickets quick and easy. Perille finds the best route and means of transportation from long-haul options in Finland and commuter options within and between Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Kotka-Hamina, Tallinn and most recently Jyväskylä.

The purpose of the Perille service is to provide travelers with a 100% comprehensive public and passenger transportation route selection in one place. The service will include, in addition to traditional public transport, new mobility services such as shared cars and city bikes. Buying ticket will get easier already in the near future; soon tickets for the first transport operators can be purchased directly from the Perille service instead of the online store.

Head online to or download the free Perille app. Happy Travels!

Young Entrepreneurs of Central Finland

Young Entrepreneurs of Finland (Nuoret Yrittäjät) is a nationwide network of young professional entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially-minded students.

We come from all walks and stages of business and function within the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät), the largest entrepreneur NGO in the country. It is our mission to promote entrepreneurship in schools and universities so as to ensure the growth of the next generation of entrepreneurs, makers and doers.

We believe in action. We believe in initiative. We believe in catalysts like JES and Spotlight. | @nyrittajat | #nuoretyrittäjät

Hotel Verso

Welcome to the Hotel Verso. A fresh hotel located at the very center of Jyväskylä. Accommodation is easy and effortless but with us it is much more than just a night in a hotel room. We have created and provide a wholesome counterforce against the faceless chain hotels.

We provide fabulous facilities, meet the unique needs of businesses and organize conventions, meetings and events at the center of city of Jyväskylä.

Junior Achievement Finland

Hämeen Autovaruste Oy


“Drive Green Save Money – eFlexFuel”

eFlexFuel is a device installed in a petrol car. The device itself is an electrotechnical solution, which is installed to the engine room of a car. When the device is installed, the car can be fuelled up with bioethanol-based fuels, like the RE85 and E85 fuel distributed in Finland. Using bioethanol as a fuel instead of petrol reduces the fossil carbon footprint of motoring even by 80% and reduces fuel expenses. The bioethanol produced in Finland is manufactured from organic waste, such as food industry’s waste and by-products. Installing eFlexFuel is an easy procedure and normally takes only 1 to 2 hours.

eFlexFuel is a solution developed completely in Finland, and it makes the car a so-called flexifuel car. This means that the car can be fuelled up with both petrol and bioethanol – in any kind of mixture ratio. The driver is not married with only one fuel but instead can use whichever one is the most easily available and most affordable. In practice, after installing eFlexFuel, the car can be fuelled up with all varieties of petrol and ethanol that they sell in Finland. At this moment, by driving with bioethanol, about 15% can be saved compared with petrol, even though the price of oil is exceptionally low. So in Finland, a driver can save yearly on average 150-700 euros by moving to bioethanol.

eFlexFuel’s aim is the same as for example of electric cars: to reduce the carbon footprint of humanity. Road traffic needs now fresh options on how to effectively diminish the burden on environment. This solution’s biggest difference to electric cars is that you don’t need a new car. This way, the solution’s price is notably smaller – only 350-500 euros, and just in Finland there are 1,5 million compatible cars. The change towards a greener road traffic should happen in a user neutral way, meaning that every consumer from wealthy to not-so-wealthy would have an equal opportunity to make smarter choices for the environment. This is what we work for every day at eFlexFuel.


Accurate and fast printing company”

Jyväskylä’s Kopioteam is a company founded in 1954 and its field of expertise is in speed and precision. The skill is reflected in maintaining the quality of work despite its efficiency. The services include printing and copying services, large prints, building drawings, and mailing and shipping services.

Kopioteam will serve you when you need high quality printing. Whether there was a need for an organization or individual, alternatives are found. Underneath the same roof you can find the printing and copying services of traditional advertising and office works professionally, accurately and quickly.

Kopioteam creates products from posters to the size of apartment wall printouts. Copies, printouts, scans, vectorations, scaling, lamination – you name it! Special flat surfaces, such as metal or wood, are no problem either. In addition to quality duplication, Kopioteam will ship your ordered products directly to the end customer. Goods delivered to the neighboring area are packed in the vans and squatted directly on the spot.

You can see the production of Kopioteam at the Spotlight event’s after party, where you can find the photography wall produced by Kopioteam. When you need products fast, professionally and with high quality – Kopioteam is the right choice!

In Kopioteam you are served by industry professionals. Visit Kopioteam’s web site and ask for an offer. Kopioteam is located at Yrjönkatu 35, 40100 Jyväskylä – you are also welcome to stop by and see the professionals at work!