Spotlight brings together innovative and entrepreneur-minded students in Paviljonki on the 26th of October. The goal of the event is to help students to develop their own expertise and get new contacts. The theme of this year’s event is future mobility. The event consists of inspirational speeches from the field’s professionals, an interesting panel discussion and opportunities for networking. Event’s afterparty will be held at the same night in Tanssisali Lutakko.

Spotlight is free for all students and we warmly welcome you to the event!


Pekka Möttö

innovator, entrepreneur, growth hacker

Mobility is becoming intermodal and flexible simply because it’s possible. The transport system has traditionally been product-oriented for the simple reason that other options have not been available. People’s mobility needs have always been flexible and individual, but customers have adjusted their behaviour to suit what is on offer and – all too often – the most convenient mobility option is their own car.

Nicklas Bergman

serial entrepreneur, deep tech investor, futurist

With the conviction that technology is probably the strongest driver of change today, it’s obvious that anyone in a management position, or aspirations to eventually be in that position, must understand how technology is changing business from the ground up.


Project manager

Sakari Siilin